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Application of water-based paint


1. Brief description of the characteristics of water-based industrial coatings

Water-based industrial coatings are composed of water-soluble resins, functional fillers, decorative pigments, additives, water and two-component curing agents. In recent years, water-based industrial coatings have maintained a rapid development momentum and have become the main theme and synonym of green environmental protection. Water-based industrial coatings use water as a solvent throughout the production and construction process, and have outstanding performance characteristics, which are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1) The performance of the paint film has reached the technical index of solvent-based paints of the same grade;

2) Its VOC content is very small, and its health and environmental protection characteristics are remarkable;

3) During the construction process, directly dilute the paint with water and clean the tools, which is convenient and safe for construction;

4) The whole process of production, transportation, storage and construction is full-cycle, otherwise it will not explode, and the safety performance is outstanding;

5) Paint slag does not belong to the scope of hazardous solid waste, and solid waste treatment is simplified.

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