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Can the O-ring be repaired after it is broken?


Can the O-ring be repaired after it is broken? This is possible, but you must first eliminate the gaps to make sure that the gaps become glossy. You also need to remove unnecessary dust and debris, and then use welding wire with better plastic deformation for internal use. , and then repaired into spray welding, if the crack is relatively large, then a connecting layer must be used.

During the repair welding process, short arcs can be used, which can reduce the damage of heat to the O-ring. Heating must be carried out before spray welding. After welding, the temperature cannot be cooled immediately, and it should be cooled slowly until it is cooled. Later, let it take shape.

During the welding repair process of the O-ring, professional welding tools should be used, the welding tip and the protruding surface should be vertical or have a certain angle, and the wire feeding of the welding machine should be even.

As a hydraulic seal that is used more frequently, there are more and more types of O-rings, and the difficulty factor for customers to choose is getting higher and higher. In order to better ensure the good airtightness in the application, the O-ring is selected. These aspects are very important when sealing the ring!

First of all, we need to connect its constant tensile stress, tensile strength, tensile deformation, elongation and other parameters, especially its tensile strength is very important, when the O-ring is developing In the case of stretching, stretch it continuously until the fractured part, the tensile stress that can be borne.

Several other parameters are also very important. To put it bluntly, the elongation is the ratio between the product deformation of the O-ring when it is subjected to tensile stress, and the stretching increase and the original length. The stress that should be achieved when stretching.

At present, many O-rings are made of rubber, so when we choose O-rings, we must also consider the strength of the rubber. The strength indicates the ability of the rubber to resist external pressure. The higher the strength of the rubber, the better the compressive strength of the O-ring, and the better the wear resistance, but it is not easy to withstand cold, so the strength of the O-ring must be selected according to the application.

In addition, the shrinkage characteristics of the O-ring must also be considered. Because the O-ring is often in a shrinking state when it is used, because the rubber itself has a certain degree of viscoelasticity, the shrinkage stress will become more and more severe after shrinking. If it becomes more and more loose, once the pressure is removed, it will not be able to respond to the original characteristics at all, which will affect the sealing effect.

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