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How to deal with UV printer nozzle failure


Every uv printer needs regular maintenance and proper protection of the nozzles in time. This is the best way to keep the nozzles working best, and it is also the most important method to prevent the nozzles of uv printers from clogging. If the maintenance is neglected, as one of the core components of the uv printer, it will cost tens of thousands to replace a nozzle. Sometimes the nozzle is clogged and ink cannot be discharged, and we only need to clean it briefly to make it work normally.

The following points are for reference only:

1. After the equipment is installed, maintain and protect the nozzles of the equipment. In order to keep the nozzles in the best working condition, print as many pictures as possible or print a ribbon before the equipment is officially put into operation to see if the color of the ribbon is complete. When the color is lighter, it means that the nozzle has failed.

2. How to maintain the nozzle after the daily work is completed.

After all the printing is completed, the nozzle should be cleaned in time to prevent the ink from evaporating and clogging the nozzle, which will affect the best working state of the nozzle. Before cleaning the uv printer nozzle, you need to prepare a screwdriver, syringe, alcohol and a thin hose.

1. Turn off the power to ensure safety, then use a screwdriver to remove the cover on the head of the uv printer, unplug the plug connected to the nozzle in time, take out the nozzle, and then press a small shrapnel above the nozzle and the right side of the nozzle A small metal shrapnel was removed.

2. Fill a syringe with alcohol, connect the thin hose to the outlet of the syringe, squeeze out the alcohol, clean the hose and repeat the operation more than 3 times to ensure that the hose and syringe are clean. Then fill up a syringe with alcohol, connect the thin hose, connect the other end of the thin hose to the ink suction port of the print head, then slowly and continuously squeeze the alcohol into the ink suction port, and clean the inside of the print head several times to ensure that every Alcohol flows out of each nozzle, and the operation is repeated until the alcohol flowing out is clear and free of impurities.

3. After simple cleaning, install the uv printer nozzle back to the head of the universal printer, turn it on normally, run the built-in cleaning software, and automatically clean the nozzle.

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