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The characteristics and scope of application of water-based industrial paint


The annual usage of industrial paints accounts for 70% of the coatings. Among them, water-based industrial paints are becoming more and more popular. People's awareness of environmental protection and health is gradually increasing. So what are the types and characteristics of water-based industrial paints?

1. Water-based paint with water-based alkyd resin as the main film-forming substance:

With water as the main diluent, it has the characteristics of fast drying and excellent protection performance, and can be used for the bottom protection coating of metal substrates. The coating can be applied by dip coating, flow coating, spray coating and other methods. This product is the most used product of Deqian. It is mostly used in the dip coating of furniture brackets, automobile chassis, and automobile leaf springs. It is especially suitable for the protection of the surface of export steel products. Finishing.

2. Water-based paint with water-based acrylic as the main component:

The main feature is that it has good adhesion and will not deepen the color, but its wear resistance and chemical resistance are poor. Because of its low cost and low technical content, it is a primary product on the market, and it is mostly used for glossy and decorative effects. on the steel structure.

3. The main component is the composite of water-based amino and alkyd:

Compared with other water-based industrial paints, in addition to adhering to the characteristics of acrylic water-based industrial paints, the paint film has outstanding gloss and fullness, and its performance is no different from traditional amino. This type of product is mostly used in the automotive industry, and the disadvantage is that it must be baked.

4. With water-based epoxy resin as the main component:

Does not contain harmful substances such as benzene, formaldehyde, lead, etc., has high solid content, strong adhesion, and excellent anti-corrosion performance. And it has low flame spread, which solves the problem of pollution to the human body and the environment caused by the smoke and toxic substances released when the paint film is baked or burned at high temperature, and improves the safety performance and temperature resistance of the product. Its development and application are currently The development direction of marine coatings.

Although water-based industrial paint is better in environmental protection than industrial paint, the service life of the coating film is not as good as that of industrial paint. In addition, different industrial paint spraying should pay attention to different matters, and construction should be carried out according to specific product requirements. Effective Avoid the disadvantages of paint film and better prolong its service life.

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