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What is drilling vs tapping screws?


Drilling screws and tapping screws are two different types of fasteners used for specific applications. Here's an overview of each:


1. Drilling Screws:

   Drilling screws, also known as self-drilling screws or self-tapping screws, are designed to create their own holes as they are driven into a material. These screws feature a sharp, pointed tip with flutes or grooves along its length, similar to a drill bit. The flutes cut into the material, creating a hole while removing debris. Drilling screws are commonly used in applications where pre-drilling a pilot hole is difficult or time-consuming, such as fastening metal sheets or other hard materials.

2. Tapping Screws:

   Tapping screws, on the other hand, are designed to create threads within a pre-drilled hole. These screws have a sharper and more pronounced thread profile compared to drilling screws. When driven into a pre-drilled hole, the screw's threads cut and form mating threads within the material, allowing the screw to secure itself. Tapping screws are often used in applications where a strong, secure connection is needed, such as attaching metal to metal or plastic to metal.

In summary, the key distinction between drilling screws and tapping screws lies in their respective methods of creating threads. Drilling screws create their own holes as they are driven in, while tapping screws are used with pre-drilled holes to create threads within the material.

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