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What is the difference between gouache paint and watercolor paint


Gouache paint is composed of powdery materials, fixed with glue, and has a relatively strong coverage. So when painting gouache, I often start with the darkest color. It can be covered layer by layer, and if the skill is good, it can also be painted to the same effect as oil painting. However, when the paint is wet, the color is darker, and when it dries, the color becomes lighter. There are also purple colors such as rose red and violet, which are easy to turn out, so they are not used as a base。

The color particles of watercolor paint are very fine, and the color is very beautiful after being dissolved in water, but it cannot cover the background color. Watercolor pigments such as ultramarine blue, ochre, and earth red are mineral pigments, which are prone to precipitation when used alone or mixed with other hues. Most watercolor pigments are relatively transparent. Watercolor can enhance the transparency of objects, especially when used on the texture of transparent objects such as glass, metal, and reflective surfaces. The surface of transparent and reflective objects is very suitable for watercolor expression. When coloring with watercolors, proceed from shallow to deep, avoid overlapping brushes as much as possible, and it is best to use a one-stop painting method. The materials are different. Watercolor pays attention to dry and wet painting. There is too much water, so light colors should be used, and the coverage is small. Gouache painting is heavier, and the gouache has coverage in painting, it is relatively dry and has a sense of layering.

the difference between the two

1. Different pigment particles

The particles of watercolor paint are fine and the covering power is weak.

The gouache particles are coarse, so the covering power is strong.

2. Different painting methods

Watercolor needs a lot of water as a medium, and it needs to cover the color layer by layer, from light to dark, from wet to dry. Generally, it needs to be repeated 2-5 times.

Compared with watercolor, gouache is much less, mainly covering color, from dark to light and finally to highlight, from wet to dry.

3. The effect is different

The watercolor effect is clear, and the layering and expressiveness are even better.

The effect of gouache is real, thick, steady, and relatively easy to grasp.

4. Different painting tools

Watercolor pen tips are soft and absorbent.

The tip of the water chalk pen is hard and not absorbent.

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