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What is the reason for the damage of the led light strip?


The bulb is faulty and the user is advised to replace it.

Lamp strip damage: A side talk. Generally, one or more bulbs of the LED lamp are damaged. This is a relatively common situation. You can take off the lampshade of the LED lamp, and then observe whether there are small black spots on the bulbs on the lower lamp board. If there are There are small black spots on the light bulb, indicating that the light bulb has been damaged, and this can only be repaired or replaced with a new led light bulb.

Damage to the drive power supply: Sometimes the drive power supply may be damaged. You can observe that if the bulb is not damaged and the circuit is not short-circuited, you can check the drive power supply. Generally, LED bulbs have different types of drive power supplies. If the drive power supply is damaged , need to replace a new drive power supply.


Operators must wear grounded anti-static wrists, anti-static shoes and anti-static clothes. Guess off

If the LED is damaged by static electricity, it will show some bad characteristics; the leakage current will increase, the static forward voltage will decrease or rise, and it will not light up or emit light abnormally under the low spike cracking current test.

All equipment and instruments that touch the LED must be well grounded, especially soldering irons and tin stoves must be well grounded.

Anti-static wrists must be tested every day, and those that fail must be replaced.


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