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What to do if the tip of the eyeliner falls apart


If the tip of your eyeliner falls apart, here are a few steps you can take to address the issue:

1. Assess the Damage: Determine the extent of the damage to the eyeliner tip. If it's just a minor breakage or crumbling, you may be able to salvage and continue using the eyeliner.

2. Clean the Tip: If there are any loose or broken pieces on the eyeliner tip, carefully remove them using clean tweezers or a toothpick. Make sure the tip is clean and free from any debris or loose fragments.

3. Soften the Tip (Pencil Eyeliner): If you are dealing with a pencil eyeliner that has become dry or hard, you can try softening the tip. Gently warm the tip of the eyeliner by rubbing it back and forth on the back of your hand or on a clean tissue. The heat from your skin will soften the eyeliner, making it easier to apply.

4. Re-sharpen (Pencil Eyeliner): If the tip of a pencil eyeliner has broken off or become blunt, you can sharpen it to create a new pointed tip. Use a sharp eyeliner pencil sharpener and carefully rotate the pencil to sharpen it. Be cautious not to apply too much pressure or over-sharpen, as it may cause the eyeliner to break again.

5. Fix with a Flame (Pencil Eyeliner): As a last resort for pencil eyeliners, you can try using a flame to melt the tip slightly. Hold the tip of the eyeliner close to a flame for a few seconds, allowing it to soften. Be extremely careful during this process, ensuring that the flame doesn't touch the eyeliner or cause it to catch fire. Let the eyeliner cool down before applying it to your eyes.

6. Repot the Gel/Cream Eyeliner: If the tip of a gel or cream eyeliner has become damaged or crumbled, you can consider repotting it. Carefully transfer the remaining product from the original container to a small, clean, airtight pot or container. Smooth out the surface and reshape the tip using a clean eyeliner brush or spatula.

7. Contact the Manufacturer: If the eyeliner is new or still under warranty, and the tip falls apart due to a manufacturing defect, contact the manufacturer or the place of purchase. They may be able to offer a replacement or a solution to the issue.

It's important to note that if the eyeliner tip continues to crumble, break, or if you have concerns about its quality, it may be best to consider replacing it with a new eyeliner to ensure safe and consistent application.

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