Commercial Ice Maker Machine

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Queenwins is a professional manufacturing and sales of hotels, restaurants, bars, kitchens and other catering supplies and equipment. Commercial ice maker machine is a kind of refrigeration mechanical equipment that cools water through the evaporator by the refrigerant of the refrigeration system to generate ice. According to the different principles of evaporator and generation process, the shape of ice generated is also different. People generally divide ice makers into particle ice machines and flake ice machines according to the shape of ice. The Commercial ice maker machine produced by our company is a large capacity ice machine specially used for commercial use.

1.The Commercial ice maker machine make the ice cubes

2. The ice block has high hardness, the freezing point can reach below - 20 ℃, the ice block is crystal clear, not easy to melt, and the cooling speed is fast.

3. There are protective shutdown functions such as ice full display, water shortage display, super cooling protection display, fault warning display, etc.

4. The ice making process is controlled by full computer program and imported computer chips, which are reliable in control and stable in operation.

5. The unique water tank floating ball inlet system ensures no residual water and water, and saves water and electricity.

6. Adopt high-quality stainless steel shell, anti-corrosion and durable, independent integrated structure, compact and simple, and save space.

7. Commercial ice maker has reliable quality, stable performance, low noise, stable and reliable operation, high ice hardness and low temperature.

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