Transverse Drum Cutter for 8-16t Excavator

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Yichen is a professional drum cutter supplier. YICHEN Transverse Drum Cutter for 8-16t Excavator YF-10RW is suitable for concrete wall and surface profiling, trenching, rock excavation, demolition and dredging and for any use in urban areas and also on restricted jobsites.

With 20 years of design and manufacturing experience of the excavator attachments. YICHEN has been committed to providing customers with highest quality and extremely efficient excavator attachment products. In addition, we also provide the services of product training, installation instruction, application consulting and product customization.

Product Feature

YF-10RW Yichen® Transverse Drum Cutter for 8-16t Excavator. The structure is simple, easy to use, and can be installed on any hydraulic excavator with oil.

Low vibration, low noise, can effectively replace blasting construction in areas with vibration or noise restrictions, and can well protect the environment.

Precise control of construction can quickly and accurately trim the contour of the structure.

The milled material has a small and uniform particle size and can be directly used as backfill.

The working angle can realize the 360°rotation of the drum.

The maintenance is convenient, no grease and nitrogen filling are required, and there are no special requirements for the maintenance of the excavator.

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