Servo Rotary Packing Machine

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Dustial Machinery® servo rotary packaging machine is energy-saving and efficient, and can adjust functions and improve technology according to the needs of different markets, not only retaining advantages but also keeping pace with the times. The advantages of Dustrial's packaging machines are commendable. They are functional, practical, economical, intelligent, and high-tech. Packaging products can be used in a wide range of applications, such as household goods, hardware accessories, plastic products, food, and so on.

The key parts of the machine adopt stainless steel structure, which meets the food QS and pharmaceutical GMP health standards; Dual frequency conversion control, automatic memory and storage of 12 sets of packaging parameters, rapid replacement of packaging, convenient and efficient, with excellent performance; High sensitivity electric eye automatic tracking, no manual adjustment after setting, accurate sealing and cutting size and position, firm and beautiful sealing; Independent PID intelligent temperature control, stable temperature control, better suitable for various packaging materials; Color touch screen display, positioning shutdown, automatic fault diagnosis function, display at a glance; Automatic production counting, quantitative production, accurate and clear packaging output; Simple mechanical design and transmission system, more reliable operation, and more convenient maintenance; According to the user's product packaging requirements, it can be equipped with a nitrogen filled or mixed gas, production date marking system; There are two feeding methods for the upper paper feeding mechanism, namely, the pushing block feeding method and the packaging film direct feeding method. 

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